About us

Founded in 2009, with headquarters in Cairo and international offices in London and Dubai. Cloud Niners information Systems managed to build and launch a leading technology company, geared towards providing top-notch information systems solutions covering every requirement for developing businesses and mega projects.

We continuously observe; with a relentless focus on sustainable innovation, endless optimization and unlimited creativity to achieve our objectives in each and every project we run.

Cloud Niners is a one-stop-shop for Cloud based services and solutions,
helping all sizes companies improve their IT agility and deliver business innovation with better cloud platforms and management tools.

Our Extensive experience in open source systems (Linux/Unix), Solaris and Oracle systems allow us to wrap our offered cloud services with the right approach to serve all types of sectors/customers, in addition to our team of experts who depend on engineering excellence to deliver unmatched quality and keep our clients ahead of the curve of IT industry.

Cloud Niners experience grows towards Big-Data and Advanced Analytics, delivering value to customers’ businesses at all levels through the power of knowledge.

CEO Word

Every moment in the world of IT brings new challenges in need of resolution. The clock of the IT industry needs those smart pointers that shift to what professionals have concluded while surfing the globe to find proper solutions for every need.

Geared to bring a top-notch provider of information systems development, Cloud Niners information Systems have been contributing to Cloud Computing services since 2008, at a time when the concept of “Cloud Computing” was a brand new one to the IT industry worldwide.

It has been our mission to bring world-class engineering experience to the Middle east, building upon the solid experience of our team of engineers who has co-engineered innovative products with top-class firms, such as: Sun, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

Our philosophy lies in weaving our knowledge and expertise, coupled with an ongoing learning culture and high- predictive analytics to produce longer-life solutions and reduce the need for future changes.

We strive to provide a multinational level organization, from a management perspective, that provides innovative and rapid IT engineering services with a responsibility to making the IT and information systems industry a peace-of-mind tool rather than a highly demanding aspect for repeated development.



CEO– Cloud Niners Information Systems