August 10, 2016

Why US



It’s all about commitment to best practices worldwide and delivering on what we promise to achieve your ultimate objectives and mark a success story in each project we deliver.

Opting for Cloud Niners brings many competitive advantages to our clients, including:

  • Unmatched engineering skills in the middle East
  • First organization focusing on Cloud Computing since 2008
  • Proven experience with Linux/Unix datacenters and Enterprise workloads (Oracle, SAP) consulting since 2000
  • Cloud Niners is a partner with the biggest players in the cloud and enterprise solutions market
  • Rapid access to all of the Middle East powered by our regional offices
  • An innovation regional leader in the field of Big Data and predictive modeling
  • Innovation is in our DNA with multiple patents registered in the US/Europe and Canada.

You may count on our proven expertise in the field to get excellent key features for your Cloud Computing solutions.