Cloud Niners's offshore cloud development team enjoys years of experience building state-of-the-art asynchronous loosely coupled distributed applications and frameworks. Our Cloud Development Company team holds US patents and is currently contracted to build various cloud development frameworks and applications. Cloud Niners is taking cloud computing to its next natural level by leveraging the latest open standard technologies, enabling you to reach web-scale. You dream it, we scale it!

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Applications need to be written in a special way, in order to make good use of the cloud! Simply throwing an old application onto the cloud, gets you very little of its benefits. Here at Cloud Niners, we help you write new cloud oriented applications or sensibly migrate old applications or components to the cloud.

Business Benefits:

  • High Agility, respond to business needs within seconds.
  • Cost, Convert your CAPEX to OPEX, pay as you go for only the resources you need.
  • Enable your customers to access your application and their data from anywhere using any device! The cloud is all over the globe serving you.
  • Stop buying servers and gear that is 15% utilized! Cloud multi-tenancy ensures cost of keeping “lights-on” is shared across many users. Spend your money only where it makes a business benefit.
  • Elastic cloud designs enable you to handle your customer needs. Never show “server too busy” again, never have a slow website.

Technical Benefits:

  • Put on API on-top of everything. Spin up servers and storage in seconds with an API.
  • Location independence. Have your application respond to customers wherever they are.
  • Improve your solution reliability by correctly architecting your solution to handle failures and spread data across various failure domains
  • Leverage scalability and elasticity of the cloud to empower your application. Handle all the load your customers can throw at you.
  • Benefit from top of the line datacenter security practices performed at your cloud operator's data-centers. Enjoy top quality security audits and maintenance procedure.