As Amazon AWS' first partner in the middle-east, we are uniquely positioned to advise, deploy, migrate and scale your applications to the Amazon cloud development. If you need to write custom AWS applications, nothing is better than outsourcing to Cloud Niners. Have your development and DevOps team, and watch your productivity go up

Amazon cloud development | amazon cloud computing services

amazon cloud computing services

Cloud Niners is combining its experience in cloud deployment technologies with the best available solutions and hosting platforms in Amazon cloud computing services (AWS) to build applications that demand both high scalability and productivity, with minimal risk.

We offer a fantastically flexible solution for SME and established web-based businesses:

  • Deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud taking advantage of public, private, and hybrid cloud.
  • Automated deployment process for the whole infrastructure using CloudFormation and various devops tools (puppet, chef and others).
  • CloudWatch Monitoring for AWS cloud resources and providing metrics for future capacity plans.
  • Create auto-scale groups for scaling EC2 resources, with ELB and Route 53 balancing.
  • Design for disaster recovery and High availability.